A community of doers and thinkers coming together for good

What do you get when you cross a counterterrorism specialist, brand sherpa, and a circus performer turned CGI executive?

This may sound like a bad joke, but we’re betting it’s not. 


On paper, the founders of United Purpose couldn't be more different. Bryan D’Alessandro spent the early part of his career in advertising helping business leaders create a more meaningful connection with their audience. His bag of tricks includes storytelling, design, and filmmaking. Daniel Dolgin is a national security expert, having spent much of his career working at the National Counterterrorism Center where he did “strategic operational planning.” You can ask him follow-up questions, but we can’t guarantee your safety. Marilia Bezerra has a long legacy of making good shit happen wherever she goes, be it as a founding executive at the Clinton Global Initiative or as the head of her own global consulting firm. She’s also a badass Brazilian tap dancer and mother of two beautiful girls.

In between the spaces of our resume, we share much more in common than the outside eye would think. We share a passion for connecting people to their purpose. A desire to bring back the days in which smart people gathered in person to connect, combine, and celebrate good ideas that improve the way we live. A belief that one good serendipitous connection can change your life forever. A definition of perfect happiness that includes delicious food, soulful music, and inspiring conversation. And we also to love to learn, about anything, anytime.