A community of doers and thinkers coming together for good


Describing our events is a bit like telling you what our favorite sculpture looks like without showing it to you. We prefer to have you experience them live and in living color but here goes.

Our vibe is always inviting and relaxed. No name-tags, no cheesy ice-breakers, no pretense. This has as much to do with who we bring together as it does how. We choose locations that inspire people to think, talk, listen and engage with each other intently and intensely. You will not find us in the back-room of a dimly-lit bar. You will find us somewhere you probably never been or never knew existed. We use our extensive network to hold space in some of New York City’s most iconic institutions, private residences, scenic rooftops, cultural neighborhoods, and culinary hangouts.

In a city with so much going on, we have no patience for static and stale experiences. This is why in addition to location, we choose formats that challenge the traditional (i.e. boring) ways we receive information and inspiration. If checking your iphone while someone on a dais drones on endlessly is your thing, we probably aren’t for you.

We encourage everyone to make their voice heard and their presence felt. We believe in the element of surprise and the power of play. We love using music and art to convey thoughts and ideas. And we always treat food with the love and attention it deserves, meaning no cheese cubes or pretzel sticks. It’s strictly organic, farm fresh, inventive creations inspired by the topic or experience.

Our events fall into three main categories:

  • SOCIAL GATHERINGS: Relaxed community gatherings that allow members to connect while taking advantage of NYC’s unique shared experiences and interesting spaces.

    • Examples: community dinners, yoga & mediation, game-nights, fun bonding experiences, physical activities

  • TOPICAL PROGRAMS:  Geared for the curious life-long-learner, we design around a featured guest or specific topical issue presented in a unique way that allows members to interact with thought leaders from a diverse range of industries and obtain tangible takeaways that apply to their daily life.

    • Examples: curated dinners, large group discussions, private screenings and intimate performances.

  • FIELD TRIPS: Location-specific events that allow members to experience a particular culture, NYC institution, or other unusual and unique places within a short drive from the city.

    • Examples: museum tours, cultural institutions, outer borough/upstate special sites/experiences. 

For descriptions and photos from past events click here. And for the calendar of upcoming events, click here.