A community of doers and thinkers coming together for good

  1. PURPOSEFUL - We know why we are doing it before we get started making sure it is intentional, focused, and fulfilling.

  2. DIVERSE - Probably our favorite principle since after all, variety is the spice of life and key to positive growth. In all that we do we strive for a rounded, balanced, and inclusive community, this goes from age, gender, culture, discipline, formats, spaces.

  3. SMART & SEXY - What can we say, we like things that are well put together and play siren to our curiosity. From the inside-outwards, exude an allure from a central place of power and alignment.

  4. SERVICE -  Service to others is the fastest path to purpose. We always look for an opportunity to deliver our best for ourselves and each other.

  5. HOLD SPACE - Anything created with intention and discernment needs conditions that allow it to thrive. We are in no ways exclusive, there are no velvet ropes, all are welcome to enter and decide if it is a fit for them. 

  6. SUPPORTIVE & POSITIVE - We are all in this together and regardless where we are on the road we all have plenty to give and receive. Letting others know you care goes a long way so whether you lend a helping hand or give thanks, spread the love.

  7. ADAPTIVE & FLUID - The only thing constant is... yeah, yeah, you get it. Life is always in motion so we embrace the flow and respond to the needs of the moment.

  8. CHALLENGING - In the name of growth find your edge and lean just out beyond it. Try the challenging, the scary, the uncomfortable, for your greatest potential lives on the other side. 

  9. INSPIRATIONAL - Inspire behavior to the maximum degree possible. The best way to get others to do something is to get them to want to do it.

  10. ACCESSIBLE & ACCOUNTABLE - The beauty of a community is the access it brings to new ideas, spaces, and people. In balance with accessibility, is accountability. If you commit to something or someone, be honest and communicative about your your ability to deliver. Actions are far more truthful than words.