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UP Membership Badges2015-03.jpg



Annual Founding Membership

$250 Operations / $250 Community Fund 

[+ pay per events]

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Benefits include:

  • Member Only ProgrammingAs a member-owned and operated community, it is our goal to host 2-3 monthly events in year one, that include a mixture of Topical Programs, Social Gatherings, and Field Trips.

  • Community Fund: 50% of all membership dues are allocated to a Community Fund that is managed by members elected from within. The rules of the fund are simple.

    • Members nominate projects to allocate resources towards.

    • Members democratically present the ideas to the community

    • Test and consensus build through dinners and events

    • Vote on committing resources to specific projects and goals.

    • Members will have the option to fundraise and contribute additional resources to any project they wish.

  • Curated community of remarkable people: Continuous access to a community of NYC’s most fascinating people from across a wide array of disciplines, vetted to ensure they will go great lengths to invest in and support each other’s ideas and well-being.

  • Access to some of NYC’s most secret and sexiest spaces: Our programs take place in spaces many members never knew existed, never been before, or never seen the same way from private residences to famed cultural institutions. 

  • Community Networking Resources:  Members have access to the community through private online forums where they can discover/contact other members, plan meet-ups, and exchange ideas. 

  • Waived $100 registration fee

We provide our members with one-of-a-kind experiences held in unique locations around NYC that are designed to cultivate their sense of curiosity, connection, and purpose. 

As we grow, we will constantly assess and adjust our offerings based on feedback we receive from members about how to improve or add value to the UP community.

UP Members will get access to a full year of UP Membership (12 months starting from when payment is made). The first 100 members will be considered Founding Members and recognized as such in various promotional materials (unless they request otherwise).