A community of doers and thinkers coming together for good


Our formats are designed to give members the tools, skills, and insights needed to achieve their personal and professional ambitions.


Inspired by cross-fit training, we have classes that will work on strengthening every muscle in your brain (and maybe a few in your arms as well).  We live by an unwavering commitment to providing our members with skills that they can put to immediate use. At UP, you will not find abstract theoretical concepts. What you will find are interactive, engaging and informative classes taught by leading thought leaders in the field.  

And while we create much of the content ourselves, we will also partner with leading institutions and organizations from around NYC who excel at teaching the kinds of skills our members require.

  • Need help building a prototype? Our design thinking class will bring your ideas to life. 
  • Want to Improve your public speaking? We’ll help perfect your “Ted talk” .
  • Trouble analyzing big data? We’ll show you creative ways to put your numbers to work.
  • In a creative rut? We’ll teach techniques to unlock your creative potential.  
  • Launching a new venture? Leave our class with the right voice and aesthetics for your brand. 
  • Not a born leader? That’s okay, we’ll get you ready to lead Seal Team Six. 
  • Searching to connect with your purpose? We’ll do more than get it out of you, we’ll teach you how to maximize it.



Mentoring & Peer-to-Peer Support

Along with our programming we believe the best ideas are not born in isolation but from the collective wisdom of a community. That's why we help organize peer support groups that provide feedback, connections and a chance to vent. We also connect members with mentors/mentees to leverage the range of experience and expertise amongst the community.