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April 20th | Constructive Conversations: Discussing Race w Empathy


April 20th | Constructive Conversations: Discussing Race w Empathy

from 30.00

When it comes to race, gender, ethnicity and class, we are all bias. Yes, even you, whether you believe it or not. It may not be conscious, but it is there imperceptibly impacting the decisions we make each day. The first step of dealing with this is to confront it. Unfortunately, there are very few safe spaces to have such a discussion. And even fewer people who know how to lead one.

Thanks to our very own UP member, Karima Hassan, we now have both in one place. Please join us for an important, interactive and introspective discussion about the impact of our unconscious bias and how to create a constructive conversation with others when faced with it. 

A delicious organic dinner will be served. Bring a drink of your choosing.

Casa De Marilia Bezerra
340 W 19th St (8th & 9th)
Apt 10

Karima Hassan, has developed and implemented an anti-bias curriculum at the Brooklyn Friends School using guidelines sourced from her experience at Undoing Racism and the Summit for Courageous Conversations. She is expert at creating a safe environment in which everyone feels encouraged to confront the bias they sense in themselves  and emboldened to work through it when confronted by another. 

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