A community of doers and thinkers coming together for good


We are not an invitation only club but we are discerning and do look to our members to recommend and vouch for intriguing thinkers, doers, and creators who would bring value to the UP community. Whether you know a member or not, we value your interest so please fill out our application form so we can learn a bit more about you. We've tested the fast and the slow, the completion time is 8-20mins, not bad for something that could completely change your world.

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Birth date
You will hear often that diversity guides us at all touch points. Age is a critical to expressing a truly intergenerational exchange. And we like to send silly gifs on your Birthday.
Do you have a referee?
Do you have a referee?
A "referee" is an UP member who pledges your alignment and takes responsibility for you through application and on boarding. We will follow up with them during the application process.
What member type are you applying for? *
Your support will go towards Sponsored Membership and Sponsored Member Tickets.
It is of utmost importance to the integrity of the community that we represent economic diversity. Thank you for knowing you are a perfect equal regardless of financial standing. Your information will always be kept confidential.
A few of these questions were derived from a 19th century parlor game popularized by Marcel Proust and his friends. They believed that an individual’s answers reveal their true inner nature. This may or may not be true, but we still love reading your answers.
Can you write poetry? scale buildings? Teach yoga? Build viking ships? Recite the constitution?
Don't worry if you don't choose a relative, we won't say a word.
Sure throw in a couple of work projects, but also tell us about your personal victories. Like overcoming a fear of clowns, taking a year off to care for your mother, leaving your job and traveling the world, learning to say no, etc.
I would be Macguyver because I love mullets, pocketed vests, and solving problems with whatever is at arms reach.
Don't stress out. Most people have a hard time with this, us included. The purpose can be as simple as creating a supportive community, as magnanimous as solving world hunger, or as immediate as approving this application. No judgments we just want you to think about it.
We've covered a lot here but you are a unique individual. Anything else you want to share? Anyone you think we have to meet? Did you write us a haiku?
Show us your goods
more where that came from? you are a complex creature.

Thank you for your interest in joining the UP community. We will be in touch shortly to followup.